Case Witnessing Process: In rescue to break defenses thrown by patients to reach the vital core

 During case witnessing, as we move from lower to higher levels of experience, from the conscious to the subconscious, the patient increasingly erects defenses. They outwardly manifest themselves in simple ways, such as laughing, smiling / smirking, drinking water, coughing / clearing throat, scratching skin, aggravation of chief complaint, asking an out-of-subject question, abruptly asking why are we inquiring so much about him and what all this has to do with his chief complaints, sudden denial, avoidance, projection, and the desire to go home. (The desire to go home is most often seen in children's cases.). The patient may suddenly start saying, "I am hungry" (especially children). He may start weeping and replying to our questions by saying, "Nothing. I have finished. I have nothing more to say." (Especially children). A sudden aggravation of feelings, fears, delusions, and sensations may arise.

We may also observe changes at a physical level, such as the sudden feeling of hot or cold, perspiration, an increased urge for urination, a sudden experience of a phenomenon in the body.

How to break the defense: The best way is to use the patient's own defense to break his defense. For example, if it's a denial case, we use the denial technique to delve within.

If the patient uses rationalisation as a mode of defense, we use various dissociation techniques.

For instance, if the patient is at the level of sensation, the questions framed as per the defense used by the patient are as follows:

Type of Defense Expression Questions asked
Projection  He feels caught  How will that person experience it?
Avoidance  I avoid situations where I feel caught  What is the experience in such situations?
Denial  I never feel caught  What does one experience in those situations?
Rationalisation  The feeling of being caught arises because, when I am running, I … (getting into rationalisation) Can you just talk about “feeling caught”, leaving every other detail aside?


When we ask this, the defense system initially increases to a bloated form and then completely crumbles.

Although the patient may knowingly use these defense mechanisms, they can also often occur unconsciously so as to stop the patient from getting in touch with his pattern. If a homoeopath fails to notice such expressions, case witnessing can be like knocking one's head against an unyielding wall. Unless this defense is broken or breaks on its own, it is impossible to explore an individual. It is certain that no defense exists that cannot be broken. It is just a matter of art, skill, and time.

casewitnessingprocessFor various defenses thrown by the patients and HOW TO break such defenses, WHAT QUESTIONS to follow etc. etc. one can refer the book The Scientifically Intuitive Case Witnessing Process.

Also, it is very interesting to note that the defenses occurring unconsciously in the form of various Physical aggravations actually gets us the first glimpse of Vital energy and are in accordance with the Herring's law of Direction of cure. Read more...


Case example from Dr. Chauhan's clinic of Defense thrown by patient and use of Dissociation technique to break the Defense:

When you cannot fight the pain, enjoy it 




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