New book for parents by Drs. Chauhan

Taking a pleasure to announce the launch of our New book: From Treating to transforming, Choose Homeopathy: a designer's approach for your child.Book for parent's interest Read more


Miss Z. 18 years consulted me in August 2005 for oral ulcers. Along with oral ulcers, the patient also had... Read more

We Spoke to Each Other Without Any Sound...

Case of a child suffering from thyroiditis by Dr. Dinesh Chauhan, published in All Things Healing Read more


Mr. A. A. K., 29 years consulted me in February 2007 for lumbar disc prolapse. The patient had been advised... Read more

Unfolding the unique energy of child through fears

A unique competition was held between a hefty wrestler and a small child. In the competition the wrestler was supposed... Read more

Case of Lichen Plannus and Alopecia Errata by Dr. Urvi Chauhan

I have been practicing classical homeopathy since a decade now. It has been a constant process of new learning, development... Read more

A case of recurrent Hay fever and Arthritis in a 61 year old lady by Joanne Greenland from Australia followed with Case Witnessing Process.

Case by Joanne Greenland (Australia) (NOTE: Homeopath's explanations are in different color and under bracket. Important phrases are highlighted under italics.... Read more

Mother’s history during Pregnancy

This is the case of a one-year-old girl who had eczema. Since the child was so young and we could... Read more

Your Case Our Guide - Specialized course to solve your failure cases with us

(An opportunity to resolve your failure case) This uniquely designed program come to your rescue when you feel stuck in your... Read more

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From Treating to transforming, Choose Homeopathy: a designer's approach for your child