Facilitating Feminine: a step ahead in the case witnessing with Dr Chauhan

When the Masculine overpowersmaking the conscious layer go strong,bringing in a Tuff barrier between the conscious subconscious and beyond in exploring holistic core of the caseFacilitating Feminine works After going over challenges with children cases last season, this season we bring you a subtly powerful key of facilitating feminine  - a step next in the process of case witnessing. Come and experience the... Read more

The patient is a woman aged forty-four years; she came to me in 2012 with IBS (Irritable bowel syndrome) and  some other physical complaints. interhom

Passive case witnessing process

Dinesh Chauhan (DC): We need to understand you and your illness, so tell me whatever you think will help me to understand you. 
Patient (P): “The first problem is a bony growth on my head (HG: pointing to vertex) and my shoulder. This one is there for twelve years (vertex) and this one for few months (shoulder). Another problem is that whenever I take dairy products like ghee, sweets, milk, etc,. for about three or four days in a row, I have a stomach ache starting from my lower abdomen and going to the vagina. 

“I have hot, sweaty palms and cracks on two fingers. I have some spider veins on my leg near the knee and a pain in my left knee. I have dandruff and loss of hair, as well as red warts. 
 “For several months now, I realize I have a breathing problem; if I wake up at midnight, I realize that I am not breathing. I try to breathe deeply and take in oxygen, I yawn a lot, then it subsides and I go to sleep.  
“I have been diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome. 
“I had a healthy childhood with my parents and sister. I met my husband when I was in 12th grade. We know each other for twenty-five years. He is very perfectionist. I must do whatever he says. When he is angry, he is very violent. He wants me to do everything he wants. Every time I don’t do exactly as he says, even in small things, he punishes me. For example, he asked me to tie up the two ponies and I couldn’t. It made him upset and he forced me to cut my hair.”

DC: Tell me more about you, your stress, your feelings? 
P: “When you are living in a joint family, there is so much stress. They don’t ...continue reading

 June 2016, Interhomeopathy

Editor for the issue: Dr. Urvi Chauhan

Publisher: Narayana Velarg (Germany)

About Interhomeopathy: 

Interhomeopathy is an online homeopathic journal founded by Jan Scholten, Louis Klein, & Ulrich Welte, published by Narayana Publishers, Germany.The cheif editors are Deborah collin and Patricia Maché. The journal is for professionals, patients and people with an interest in homeopathy. It is free and open to everyone. 

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