Healing the healer through the case witnessing process

I strongly believe that patients are opportunities that we attract for us to get in touch with our deeper core. Often while witnessing the patient, we get affected by whole or some part of their history like their vivid fears, dreams, life incidence that have had a deep impact over the patient, the body language, their pauses etc. etc.

From the personal point of view, while following the process of case witnessing with my patients, at the end of it, with many cases, often, I came out with deep impressions and experience. That is when I realized the catalytic effect of case witnessing for the physician to get in touch with their deeper self.

During the case witnessing process, the patient sitting in front of us, often brings forth a mirror for us. The space given to the patient not only helps him to connect to his sub conscious but simultaneously also presents us with the opportunity to go within and recognise the altered self residing inside. The in-depth case witnessing process helps both of us to come in contact with our whole being.

The silence experienced during the PASSIVE process helps quiet the patients mind. Likewise silence brings stillness and clarity to the physician’s conscious mind too. The more passive we are, the more opportunity we have to be in the moment and this helps our consciousness to become uni-dimensional from multi dimensional. The ACTIVE process gives us a chance to put aside our intellectual knowledge about the end result of the case (especially the remedy) and instead be totally present. We then gradually “converge” on our own centre. In the ACTIVE-ACTIVE process, the whole sub conscious play creates a strong energy filed, and in the radii of this field we come across our own altered energy pattern. When we attentively listen and go deeper into our core it is a blissful experience of holistic healing for us. 

 “The healer and the one who needs to be healed
Attract each other to get healed.
Each of them helps their healer within to move towards the higher level.” 

To me, this has been a rewarding experience to find healing space within myself, while doing case witnessing with my patients. And that is the reason, this is how I define  the Ideal case witnessing process:

Individualistic, holistic, scientific designer’s approach,
A scientifically intuitive, reproducible phenomenon
That is diagnostic as well as therapeutic to the patient

And also

Therapeutic to the physician

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