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A case By Dr. Urvi Chauhan

Published in Interhomeopathy June 2014  

Children, if allowed, express their unique energy pattern completely raw, pure, and uninhibited  face-moluscum-before 200x150 6fcec6f17f5fdbd276bb67de7abc5a76

and a homeopathic physician may get overwhelmed observing the entire pattern unfolding in front of him. Though


A case by Dr. Dinesh Chauhan
Published in Spectrum 2017 January

Connecting with just that 'one'
Makes me complete and loved
That 'one' is what defines me, makes me stable
Without that one my identity is none
My dependence is beyond the bounds of logic, it's just the heart to heart connection
My world shatters when this 'one' betrays me, keeps me away
My heart weeps, broods, slowly as my world crumbles
It's when I realise that within me everything runs
The more I meditate on it, the closer to myself I come
The disease in me, the inner healer becomes
That the one is none but I and I alone...

From the homeopathic viewpoint, we witness the individual's journey from disease to health to awareness in general. In particular if we understand this from the perspective of the 3rd Row in the periodic table, the journey travels from the issue of identity in disease to health to awareness. Along with issues of love, care, nourishment, nurture, interdependency of relationships the central issue revolves around identity.

I have to hold on: a case of Germanium... by Dr. Dinesh Chauhan

The patient is a woman aged forty-four years; she came to me in 2012 with IBS (Irritable bowel syndrome) and  some other physical complaints. interhom

Passive case witnessing process

Dinesh Chauhan (DC): We need to understand you and your illness, so tell me whatever you think will help me to understand you. 
Patient (P): “The first problem is a bony growth on my head (HG: pointing to vertex) and my shoulder. This one is there for twelve years (vertex) and this one for few months (shoulder). Another problem is that whenever I take dairy products like ghee, sweets, milk, etc,. for about three or four days in a row, I have a stomach ache starting from my lower abdomen and going to the vagina. 

A history of abuse: a case of Magnesium bromatum

by Dr. Dinesh Chauhan
Published at Interhomeopathy
Abuse and trauma are sensitive issues to society and to homeopathy as well, since as the person who has suffered abuse or any mental trauma is so shaken, his or her entire life is so overpowered, that it is difficult to bring him out of the impact of the situation. Given that my approach changes somewhat in non-verbal cases, childrens' cases or elderly patients, I wondered how I would approach cases which have a strong history of abuse and trauma.


Mr. M. K. B. age 40 years consulted me in November 2008 for hypertension, choking spells. He had not started with any other mode of treatment.

At that time, I understood him holistically through the case witnessing process.


Mr. A. A. K., 29 years consulted me in February 2007 for lumbar disc prolapse. The patient had been advised surgical operation for the same by his orthopedic. He could not move, walk, run, play or drive around easily.

At that time, I understood him holistically through the case witnessing process.


Miss Z. 18 years consulted me in August 2005 for oral ulcers. Along with oral ulcers, the patient also had common cold since childhood.

At that time, I understood her holistically through the case witnessing process.

Unfolding the unique energy of child through fears

A unique competition was held between a hefty wrestler and a small child. In the competition the wrestler was supposed to completely imitate the child and do everything that his little competitor did. The wrestler should run if the child ran, play as the child did, make faces like him, say what he said, and do exactly what he did. And guess what? The wrestler dropped dead from exhaustion within five hours, but the child continued with his antics and mischief. This shows that the child is a storehouse of energy.

Mother’s history during Pregnancy

This is the case of a one-year-old girl who had eczema. Since the child was so young and we could not engage in any verbal communication with her, we procured her history from her mother. We took into account the observations of the mother regarding the peculiar behaviour of her child. We also observed the child.

We Spoke to Each Other Without Any Sound...

Case of a child suffering from thyroiditis by Dr. Dinesh Chauhan, published in All Things Healing

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