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A case of recurrent Hay fever and Arthritis in a 61 year old lady by Joanne Greenland from Australia followed with Case Witnessing Process.

Case by Joanne Greenland (Australia)

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61 year old female - a bit hippy looking (by that I mean colourful clothing, loose fitting, Bohemian - presents: Winter 2008


Case of Lichen Plannus and Alopecia Errata by Dr. Urvi Chauhan

I have been practicing classical homeopathy since a decade now. It has been a constant process of new learning, development as well as evolution for me as a homoeopath. The evolution has occurred in various ways, but more so in the way I have been taking my cases. For me, the process of case taking started as inquiring into cases (literally) as a beginner homeopath to a case-taker (as I became more attuned with the finer art of homeopathy) to a case-receiver. This evolution has been very rewarding, getting deeper, refine and finer at each developing stage; I have developed from a curious homeopath to a responsible homeopathic doctor to a mature homeopathic physician to now a trustworthy homeopathic healer for my patients. My cases done at various stages of development reflect my own journey as a homeopath at that particular stage. Along this journey, specifically the teachings of the Sensation method by Dr. Rajan Sankaran and the Case Witnessing Process by my husband Dinesh Chauhan have come as a vital guide for me.


Your Case Our Guide - Specialized course to solve your failure cases with us

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This uniquely designed program come to your rescue when you feel stuck in your case to reach the vital core of your patient and prescribe a similimum.

Do you encounter such problems while following your cases?
What should I do when I am stuck and the case is not moving ahead in any direction?
How should I know that every step I have performed while case taking is correct?
Am I misleading the patient?
Have I been passive enough with the patient or should I remain passive even now?
Is this the right focus to become active with?
Is the active-active process taking the patient towards his own centre?
Have I come to the right remedy? How do I scientifically know that?
Is the given remedy to the patient working efficiently based on his follow ups?
So on and so forth....

To cater to such difficulties, we have come up with

Your case our guide

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