Integrative Management for Deep pathology, Cancer & Psychiatric cases with CWP

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Come and find promising answers & consistent solutions for the challenging cases

“Thank you Dr. Urvi and Dr. Dinesh again for the great experience and excellent teaching. The Session was excellent and the way Dr. Dinesh spices the lecture with insightful stories and jokes give it a less formal touch, feeling and enables an atmosphere that opens up a space for participants, and thus creates better the interaction."  Yohai Rabkin  (Israel) 

 "Learned many things, mostly new remedies through the cases. Also theory which i knew partly from paris congress but always good to remember and see application/examples in case-taking. cases were good !"  Birthe Repenning (Paris)



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Course Structure: 4 sessions; 10 hours
Each session = 2 Hours 30 Minutes

  • Watch 24x7 entire course for 4 week at most convenient time suited to you
  • from your home/caffe'/office


Topics covered  for Deep pathology and Cancer cases:

  • Case Witnessing process : A Further journey to tackle difficult chronic cases
  • A holistic integrative approach in difficult deep pathologies.
  • Differentiating between Proliferative and Degenerative diseases and their holistic approach in deep pathological cases
  • Comparing and finding a holistic link among various methods directed to tackle cases of deep reversible/ irreversible pathologies (cancers). (Such as: Sarkar method, Banerjee method, Ramakrishnan method, Peter Chapel method etc.)
  • Management of Degenerative pathologies with one state and two states with practical illustrations
  • Management of Proliferative  pathologies with ONE state and TWO states with practical illustrations 
  • Posology: NEW APPROACH of prescribing in cancer cases: Clear & Scientific understanding of when to use high, low, LM potencies in such cases.

Topics covered  for Psychiatric cases:

  • Treating Psychiatric cases at holistic level with the Integrative Case Witnessing Process.
  • Case witnessing process to get physical, mental and holistic symptoms in psychiatric cases
  • Handling Acute Psychiatric disorders with holistic understanding and approach
  • Differentiating between pathological delusions and holistic state delusions in psychiatric cases to unfold the REAL STATE and prescribe the RIGHT SIMILIMUM at holistic level)   
  • How to take  cases of chronic one sided Psychosis patients to arrive at their CORE/UNIQUE STATE by creating patient centric environments during Case witnessing.
  • Case witnessing process for Acute psychiatric cases
  • A patient friendly and patient centric COUNSELING in psychiatric cases
  • TECHNIQUE OF INTERNAL WITNESSING in  cases to help them come out of mental emotional disturbances without remedial intervention.



A case of Auto Immune disorder-SLE treated by Dr. Dinesh Chauhan

A lady who suffered from SLE (Systemic Lupus Erythematosus) - an autoimmune disorder,  recovers completely (SLE- investigation report negative) and also starts life with whole good vitality and transformation. A case treated by Dr. Dinesh Chauhan.  Such results are a possibility with many deep seated pathologies ( including cancers, psychiatric cases)  if  followed well to arrive at holsictic simmilumum. Case witnessing process and its finer invensions to deal with challanging cases  by Dr. Chauhan is turning promising to arrive at consisient long lasting solutions for them.  

Watch the lady speak her experience with homeopathy.


You will need:

•    Headset with microphone with quality ear phones
•    Computer with Internet connection and browser (Internet Explorer 6 and above, Mozilla Firefox 3.5 or above or Safari for MAC )
•    Installed latest version Adobе Flash Player (Download Here



Course Fees:

For International homeopath: 275 USD 

For Indian Homeopath: 3500 INR/ 

Payment Details:

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2] Direct Transfer to our bank accounts in USA and India:
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Testimonials from Course Participants: 

“Dr. Dinesh has found the key to harness the highest power of similimum. His teaching style is clear, engaging, insightful and inspirational. He has a knack for presenting most complicated and profound matters with exceptional simplicity. Case presentation and their long term and periodic follow up is capable of convincing even staunch critics of homeopathy. His visionary outlook to share his experience with genuine homeopathic community in India and outside brings hope for bright future of homeopathy in spite of serious threats from commercial opportunists both outside and inside.”  Dr. M. S (India)

“Coming to CWP is an great turning point in my practice, i am able to understand the patient’s core much better than before …and it has given good results in patients"

I’ve already applied this “internal witnessing technic” in  some chronic cases. And it seems to work beautifully

"Your Case Witnessing Process is totally cohesive and clear"

"Please don't stop with the courses! I already wait for a new to begin!"  



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