Child-centric case witnessing process

A unique competition was held between a hefty wrestler and a small child. In the competition the wrestler was supposed to completely imitate the child and do everything that his little competitor did. The wrestler should run if the child ran, play as the child did, make faces like him, say what he said, and do exactly what he did. And guess what? The wrestler dropped dead from exhaustion within five hours, but the child continued with his antics and mischief. This shows that the child is a storehouse of energy.

The energy within the child reveals itself through the child's actions, sensations, feelings, imaginations, dreams, games, drawings etc., etc. The energy that every child possesses is unique and custom-made specifically for that child; a designer pattern. Any alteration in this unique pattern results in the alteration of the unique pattern. The diseased altered pattern manifests itself at the physical plane in form of signs and symptoms, at the mental plane in the form of altered feelings, perceptions and at the holistic plane in the form of altered vital sensation. In other words, the child's energy is a pure, unique and individualised pattern in health and the diseased energy is children is a unique, individualised altered pattern.

While witnessing the child, 90% of case witnessing is observing every pattern, move and action of the child, 9% is listening to what the child says and 1% is listening to what the mother says. The whole case witnessing process should be designed according to the child's individuality.

To make the whole process scientific and reproducible it has been divided into three steps: Passive, Active and Active-Active.

Passive is about collecting all the out of place information from the patient as it is. We allow natural flow of the case and passively listen to the fragmented individualistic expressions. It helps to highlight the most important characteristic expressions at every level. That which gets repeated at every level is the focus of the case.

- Here, a physician stays passively alert

- Passive process enables one to know the focus, level of experience

- This part aids to predict what questions to ask and how to frame them in the following part of the case.

Active is where the flow is directed inwards, towards the altered pattern to get the whole phenomenon. The surety of the focus is established in this step. In cases when focus is not obtained in the passive process, the focus is first found and then confirmed in the active process.

- The aim here is to make the journey from the patient's conscious to sub conscious self and beyond.

- It is a preparatory phase for the final journey of the patient towards his altered pattern.

• In Active-Active the whole pattern is unfolded. Complete innermost altered pattern comes to surface when the patient touches the inner most core in its totality.

- The active-active is the grand finale.

- Here the homoeopath zooms in on the focus and does not allow the patient to drift away into conscious areas.

- All the isolated, scattered expressions that spilled out during the passive and active stages are connected in one phenomenon.

- The main objective is to get the entire altered pattern.

The whole witnessing process helps in understanding the unique altered pattern of the child and find the perfectly matching similimum for it. Once the child is freed of his disease and his immunity enhanced, it also improves the attitude of the child towards life. The child's energy is channelized in a proper direction where he can explore his potential and creativity to maximum. With homoeopathic treatment the child experiences more energy, clarity in mind, sharp memory and balanced emotions. The relationship of the child with the siblings and parents change as they become less dependent, stronger and more resilient.

Importance of the mother's history during pregnancy:

A mother I am, I care and nurse my child,
Through me he expresses all that is wild,
My connection with him is indivisible,
Through me his entity is visible,
I am I and he is he,
But through me he shall see,
All the time talking through me,
My child is longing to just be .........

It is a general belief that the mother's state is altered during pregnancy. Based on this, the child receives the mother's remedy till a certain age. As homoeopathy is based on the concept of individualization this concept did not gel with my understanding. I believe that even though a child is the union of sperm and ovum, the child has his or her unique identity and hence his or her own similimum. The foetus is a unique entity and not a mirror image of either of the parents. For example, two atoms of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen both in gaseous state combine together to form water a liquid substance.

With knowledge of physics, referring natural laws and literature on various subjects and through my own experience it was clear that during pregnancy mothers started doing a lot things that were alien to their natural self. The energy of the child cannot be created, destroyed but can only be transformed from one form to another. In order to manifest itself, energy must have a form. The child's energy is transformed into the mother's expressions and the mother's body is a host to the way the child thinks, feels, reacts and senses. Thus it is the child's energy that expresses through the mother. The mother's changed state during pregnancy is nothing but the child's pattern expressing itself through the mother. The following factors can be considered during 9 months of pregnancy:

- Change in the feelings, delusions and perceptions

- Change in the cravings and aversions

- Change in the dreams, nightmares and fears

- Desire to watch a particular television show, read a particular book

- Any sudden intensification of the mother's feelings

- Any unusual bodily sensation experienced

Thus, even though a child is a part of the parents and inherits the genetic pattern of the parents, it is an individual from the very beginning.


A Wander

For complete and elaborate details on child-centric case witnessing process, refer the book,

"A Wander with A Little Wonder – Child Centric Case Witnessing"

By Dr Dinesh Chauhan

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