Further Developments in child centric case witnessing with Dr. Dinesh Chauhan

There are FRESH, CONSTRUCTIVE and POTENT developements along

the Child-Centric Case Witnessing for implicit results

that Dr.Chauhan shares in this  ONLINE video course 



Feedbacks from the course participants

“Thank you for a wonderful opportunity to participate in this webinar course. After each particular session I was getting more and more inspired and enthusiastic about working with children. It was beautiful to see how easy it can get to understand them completely and to unfold their inner being easy and effortlessly. And of course, the greatest pleasure was watching them getting improved in their follow ups. Looking forward to the next webinar already!” Gordana (Croatia)

 “It was an overwhelming experience to be a part of the online course on CWP in pediatrics.I could not be part of the live sessions but enjoyed every bit of the recordings. I just wanted to send a thank you note for the knowledge imparted by you. It was a great learning for me as regards the pediatric cases”. Dr. Ritu Manchanda (Dubai) 

"Let me congratulate you for the successful completion of the course!!! Cases which you selected were really to be studied cases---so much much to learn!!!! Dr.Dinesh as usual was ready to share everything with us. Dr Urvi- Your efforts to make this webinar a wonderful experience for participants is commendable---your patience to answer our queries shows your passion for the subject." Dr.Jyothi Udupi (Chennai)

"These whole series of session was really wonderful and worth attending.... Not only this course but also anything which both of you share with us is worth learning....and evolving..... and even small small hints which you have taught for case witnessing is really superb...and the way classical prescriptions are beautiful... Apart from that....many thing which i can’t describe in words......you both are such sweet spiritual beings....you are healing all of us just from your vibrations".  Dr. Nayan Ganava (Ahmadabad) 

Benefits of the ONLINE course: 


  • *** WATCH THE RECORDING OF THE LECTURES at the most available time for you,  

    *** 24 x 7, MULTIPLE TIMES

    ***Get enough window period to cover the missed session

    *** Avail Downloadable notes from the lecture for your future references


Topics covered:

  1. The child centric case witnessing process : know CONSTRUCTIVE & POTENT DEVELOPMENT  along this tool  that makes unearthing their deepest core an effortless and fruitful ride.
  2. Reach of similimum throughMateria Medica orRepertory orTheme orSource: Know which tool in what cases and at what level(Local/General/Whole) for DESIRABLE and EFFECTIVE outcome with CRISP CLARITY.
  3. Know making use of STORIES, DRAMA, PLAY ( some more unique tools) in appropriation to the unique demands of   children patients besides Art, Dreams, Fears, etc  to unfold their similimum with splendid case illustrations. 
  4. A SECRET DIARY CONCEPT: KNOW the whole OBJECTIVE and LEARN HOW TO go about. Making a unique diary @ DURING and AFTER treatment to create a THOUGHTFUL child centric environment that guides them through their inner pattern and opens door to bring appropriate  awareness in them.  
  5. INTRODUCTION of concept of Homeopathic counseling for children cases based on their similimum inner pattern. A thoughtful step to facilitate their future journey based on their own unique energy.: Know WHAT, WHEN,WHY, & HOW TO upon the same.
  6. HOW to GUIDE PARENTS to facilitate smooth homoepathic journey for their children.
  7. Setting Individualistic FOLLOW UP CRIATERIA for effective and comprehensible follow up study in Children cases
  8. Facilitating the child to MAKE FRIENDSHIP with their INNER PATTERN: Why, when to, in which cases, and how to do this in pediatric cases and their follow ups.
  9. Further progressive study and illustrative cases: Case witnessing process in non- verbal pediatric cases to find PQRS at holistic level (if time permits)
  10. Handling pediatric physical and psychiatric Acute  (if time permits)




Course Structure:  4 sessions ( 2 hours and 30 minutes each), Total 10 hours

Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes each session



You will need:

•    Headset with microphone with quality ear phones
•    Computer with Internet connection and browser (Internet Explorer 6 and above, Mozilla Firefox 3.5 or above or Safari for MAC )
•    Installed latest version Adobе Flash Player (Download Here http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/)



Course Fees:

For International participants:


For Indian (Residing Indians with Indian Passport) participants:

3500 INR 

Payment Details:

The payment can be done by-

1] PayPal

Regular payment

2] Direct Transfer to our bank account in  India:
Check our payment options here.





Testimonials from Course Participants: 

“For all students and practitioners of homeopathy, when a teacher as calm, focused, gentle, highly accomplished and sharp as Dr. Dinesh Chauhan comes along to teach, learning becomes a joyful experience. ”

"I am in bewildered awe for the way Dinesh works and conveys the material. Many pieces of the puzzle fell in place when things were said in a simple and good pedagogical way not the least how you can use different approaches and methods adapted to each child.”

" Dinesh is an inspiring lecturer. He keeps us attentive all the time, with his knowledge, wisdom, insight and humor."

"Your Case Witnessing Process is totally cohesive and clear"

“Coming to CWP is an great turning point in my practice, i am able to understand the patient’s core much better than before …and it has given good results in patients"

"Please don't stop with the courses! I already wait for a new to begin!"  


Miracles are no longer a far cry -once they are made accessible
Come find your access To holistic management of Difficult 
pediatric cases in company of Dr. Dinesh Chauhan

"Your case taking in paediatric cases
will no longer remain a safe-play"....Urvi Chauhan




If cancellation done till 20th July 2016: Full refund of paid amount.
• If cancellation done till 15th Aug 2016: Half refund of the paid amount.
• After 16th Aug 2016: No Refund
(Transfer fees / paypal processing fees to be bared by participant)

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