Facilitating Feminine: a step ahead in the case witnessing with Dr Chauhan

When the Masculine overpowers
making the conscious layer go strong,
bringing in a Tuff barrier between the conscious subconscious and beyond

in exploring holistic core of the case
Facilitating Feminine works

After going over challenges with children cases last season, this season we bring you a subtly powerful key of facilitating feminine  - a step next in the process of case witnessing.

Come and experience the step next of the Case witnessing to tackle challenges of various cases. And you get to taste the flavor of Dr Chauhan's upcoming book, a sequel to The Case witnessing Process: The journey of three steps



ONLINE course: An opportunity to participate GLOBALLY) staying LOCALLY 

  • You attend from your own desk @ your home, office, clinic or cafe

  • Online LIVE teaching session with Dr. Chauhan

  • Watch and learn from Dr. Chauhan's cases videos and power-point presentations

  • Ask your questions and share your views with Drs. Chauhan + Homeopaths worldwide

  • Avail Downloadable notes from the lecture for your future references




Topics covered:

  • Introduction of New, creativity and art aligned methods of Case Witnessing
  • Breakthrough Techniques that stimulate Non-dominant sphere (Right Brain) of brain to leap over obstructive dominant sphere
  • Techniques that prove boon in fact level cases, patients with Local one sided diseases, deep rooted pathologies and in Reassessment cases
  • Methods that bring ray of hopes in the individuals with strong conscious, poor touch with sub conscious and deeper layers to go beyond
  • Promising methods that help the patients to rise above conscious situational play and arrive in a space where reaching their center gets easy; experience of thrilling and healing both on card, for the patients as well as the homeopaths with the methods.
  • Techniques that ensure breaching tgaps on the way in reaching the holistic centre of an individual, and to find out the similimum.

Facilitating feminine or the Right brain approach includes:

  • DARK SPACE TECHNIQUE: Using Darkness as a tool for unearthing the centre; not to miss its healing impact there and then!
  • STORY TELLING METHOD: The world of stories and tales of fairies as tools to empower the non-dominant in an individual to peep and touch beyond their subconscious
  • WRITING, CRAFTING and COLLAGE METHOD: The art of writing (AUTOBIOGRAPHY/ FICTION) and creating collage brings promising hopes in a selective few.
  • VOCATION TURNS A TOOL: Using PROFESSION of the patients to get in touch with their inner center
  • SCRIBBLING TECHNIQUE: Tapping the individual's uncompensated side through drawing by using the scribbling method
  • CHIEF COMPLAINT METHOD: Artistic Ways of exploring through Chief Complaint in patients when chief complaint is kept in center again and again
  • DIARY METHOD: Individualistic Designer Diary approach helps free flow of expressions in a trustworthy space of their own

Learn WHICH technique to follow, in WHAT cases and HOW to with ILLUSTRATIVE VIDEO CASES 





Benefit of Virtual class room: Equivalent to a real-class room:

• You WATCH (live teaching with Dr. Chauhan),
DISCUSS (with Dr. Chauhan and amongst other participants),
LEARN (from video cases and power points of Dr. Chauhan),
• and SHARE

SIMULTANEOUSLY along the session

Course Structure :  4 sessions (2 hours and 30 minutes each), Total 10 hours

Starts from 30th March 2018

30th March, 6th April , 13th April 4th May 2018

LIVE TIMING: 4:30 pm TO 7:00 pm IST (Use http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html to check timing in your location)

All participants registered for advance online course receive 15% discount on Dr Chauhan's books.


You will need:

  • Headset with microphone with quality ear phones
  • Computer with Internet connection and browser (Internet Explorer 6 and above Mozilla Firefox 3.5 or above Safari for MAC, Google Chrome [Latest Chrome])
  • Installed latest version Adobе Flash Player (Download Here http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/)



Course Fees:

For International participants:

Early Bird's for Ex-Participants of our earlier Online courses: 166 USD if paid before 26th Feb 2018

Early Bird's Price (individually/more than group of 10): 184USD if paid before 26th Feb 2018

211 USD if paid post 26th Feb 2018

For Indian (Residing Indians with Indian Passport) participants:

Early Bird's price for Ex-Participants of Online courses/ABJF participants/Group of 10: 1500 if paid before 26th Feb 2018

Early Bird's price: 2000 INR if paid before 26th Feb 2018

2500 INR if paid post 26th Feb 2018

Payment Details

The payment can be done by-
1] PayPal

2] Direct Transfer to our bank account:
Check our payment options here.

Cancellation policy:
• If cancellation done till 1st March 2018: Full refund of paid amount.
• If cancellation done till 19th March 2018: Half refund of the paid amount.
• After 19th March 2018: No Refund
(Transfer fees / paypal processing fees to be bared by participant)

Course Organizer: Dr Urvi Chauhan

For any query / assistance, kindly stay in touch with our course coordinator
Dr. Riddhi Jain via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. / Call: 09920243727 /Over FB:

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Testimonials : 

“Your clear and straight forward explanation of you CWP system, together with your books and seminar cases have unlocked a powerful tool enabling me to completely transform my case taking system, providing concise, effective structured system, resulting in quantum leap in case understanding." Yohai Rabkin

"Some experiences go deeper than words. Such has been my experience in studying with Dinesh Chauhan and my reluctance to write words as they will never more than approximate the depth of the experience. Dinesh teaches in a very clear, sequential way, step by step. And, step by step he asks listeners: “Are you getting it?” before moving on to the next step. But he does not just want us to follow his ideas; his measure of success is that we are able to apply what we learn to our own practices, to the healing work we are doing with others. It goes without saying that he is knowledgeable and deeply rooted in materia medica, repertory, organon, philosophy. He is also highly practiced and skilled in case witnessing, making it look as effortless as ballet. And besides all of that, he has enormous energy, a great sense of humor and play and is amazingly gentle and kind. As I said, words are inadequate; but it is a great privilege to me to know and learn from Dinesh Chauhan—not only my intellect but also my spirit is challenged to grow and develop. I am very grateful. Kris Flaton USA

“For me Dinesh takes homeopathy to the level of spirit and presence -inspiring me to be all the more in the moment in my case "witnessing". There are no co-inky-dinkies" Dearing USA

"Dinesh Chauhan’s ideas are inspirational. He is very creative and original and clearly explains his case taking method with fun and humour. He is a lovely man, very approachable and  always very careful to answer everyones questions." Rhonda Campbell, Sydney 2017

“Coming to CWP is an great turning point in my practice, i am able to understand the patient’s core much better than before …and it has given good results in patients"

"Decided to use Dr Dinesh method with a new client  for the first time. I have used sensation but badly before I think. The beauty of passive case witnessing is that you don't have to do anything at all!... It goes to the core of your own confidence to do this… Most of the work had been done and I could soon go home and make myself a Berocca. Happy days. …. It is really quite fascinating what happens when you just sit there with an interested look and don't ask any questions. Four questions in one hour, and virtually not a single word. Just affirmatory noises.  It was fascinating…It is just a beautiful little case came out of this process. It is so complete, so whole , just so positive..." Australia 2015

“For all students and practitioners of homeopathy, when a teacher as calm, focused, gentle, highly accomplished and sharp as Dr. Dinesh Chauhan comes along to teach, learning becomes a joyful experience. ” Vatsala Sperling 

" Dinesh is an inspiring lecturer. He keeps us attentive all the time, with his knowledge, wisdom, insight and humor."

"Your Case Witnessing Process is totally cohesive and clear"

"Please don't stop with the courses! I already wait for a new to begin!"  






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