Benefits offered by CWP

The process is simple and systematic.

 The case witnessing process provides a simple, systematic and scientific approach to case-taking methodology that can be followed and practiced easily by everyone.


Easy to apply:  

 Anyone be that a traditional classical or a contemporary classical homeopath can make use of it. Most suitable for a beginner homeopath;  specifically a beginner sensation method follower homeopath.


Easy access to the deepest vital core 

 The three steps of case witnessing process namely -  Passive CWP, Active CWP and Active-Active CWP when followed step by step, helps to reach the vital core of patient, even until the source of the patient with an ease and success. These three steps of case witnessing are based on Scientific principles and they are framed after deeply studying the nature of a Human being, and the vital principles that governs the presence of Health or Disease in a human being so as to provide a step-by step approach in understanding, curing and healing  the disturbed vital force.


Brings clarity to the process of exploring the vital core:  

 Because the entire approach of CWP is thoroughly systematic in its application,  it brings clarity while doing a case as in you know -

  • ™ what stage of the case you are in,
  • ™ how much journey is still left to reach the vital core,
  • ™ how to travel that journey,
  • ™ How much time it may take more to get there (vital core)
  • ™ What types of defenses patient is throwing
  • ™ How intelligently to tackle the defenses thrown


Diagnostic as well as therapeutic for the patients:  

  The entire approach of CWP not only proves diagnostic for the patient (to understand his vital core and thus find the simillimum) but it offers therapeutic healing to the patient (much before the actual administration of simillimum). Read more...


Therapeutic for the Healer:  

 The dynamic process of case witnessing creates a healing space for the healer where the healer gets in tune with his/her own inner vital self. The entire experience is really magnetic and energetic. Read more...


Brings Herring’s law alive during the case taking itself:  

The case witnessing brings forth an opportunity to witness the herrings law of cure happening in your patients right in front of your eyes. How?  Read more...


Designers' approach: The CWP provides the most suitable individualised designer's approach for understanding the patient.  

 There is always a difference between a tailor-made outfit and a unique designer creation, isn't there? An ordinary tailor will stitch the clothes according to a standard size and pattern. But a designer will stitch together an outfit which will be meant to suit only that particular client and nobody else after closely studying a person—his physique, complexion, personality, the occasion the outfit is to be worn at, the colour which will best suit the client, and what pattern will go with the client's personality, etc. etc.

In the same way, the whole case witnessing process is designed such that every individual gets an individualised approach to get entry into their inner and deeper self.

In homoeopathy we strongly believe in the concept of individualisation. Every individual has been born blessed with a precious existence of life that is truly unique both in Health as well as in Disease. Each person differs from another since they feel / think / perceive / sense / react / cope with their illness and their surroundings in a unique and individualistic manner. How then can we apply the same case taking techniques to all people as prescribed in textbooks? The entire approach of CWP is designed such to suit individual need of the individual patient.

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