Facilitating Feminine: a step ahead in the case witnessing with Dr Chauhan

When the Masculine overpowersmaking the conscious layer go strong,bringing in a Tuff barrier between the conscious subconscious and beyond in exploring holistic core of the caseFacilitating Feminine works After going over challenges with children cases last season, this season we bring you a subtly powerful key of facilitating feminine  - a step next in the process of case witnessing. Come and experience the... Read more

 Course offers:


  • Video cases, step by step explanations, WHAT ,  WHY,  HOW  of each steps followed in each case to get hold of  Case taking process
  • Power point presentations to explain each steps in detail
  • Avail Downloadable notes from the lecture for your future references




+++ WATCH THE RECORDING OF THE LECTURES at the most available time for you,  

+++ 24 x 7, MULTIPLE TIMES

+++  Get enough window period to cover the missed session   


WHAT IS TRUE CLASSICAL HOMEOPATHY. Learn more at our online course.

CONCEPT OF MIASM. Learn more at our online course.

THE IMPORTANCE OF THE LEVEL OF EXPERIENCE. Learn more at our online course.


Course Structure: 6 sessions, 24 Hours; Each session 4 hours

  • Watch 24x7 entire course for 6 week

Topics covered in the Basic Course:

  • A constructive Journey from symptom to pattern from Hahnemann's era 'til today: To resolve MYTH-what we do TODAY in classical Homeopathy is different then what our masters did some decade back!

  • In tune with Universe: Knowledge of touched and more so untouched universal laws that shapes up and authenticate homoeopathic science.


  • What makes " WHOLE". Plus the Importance to know about  kingdom, sub kingdom, Reactions and Miasm for holistic understanding of a patient

  • INDIVIDUALISTIC EXPRESSION AT HOLISTIC LEVEL: Importance to follow it and its applications to various dimensions of homeopathy; knowing a common thread running behind various classical schools

  • Importance of CASE WITNESSING OVER CASE TAKING: The best way to stay unprejudiced observer

  • WHAT is case witnessing process and what are THE BASIC STEPS of case witnessing process? WHY 3 steps?

  • What should be an IDEAL case witnessing?

  • What are the BASIC OBJECTIVES of passive, active and active-active process?

  • How to use the case witnessing process in PEDIATRIC CASES?

  • Approach of searching a match for the altered pattern of the patient from materia medica, repertory and/ natural habitat.

  • How to read materia medica, repertory, provings

  • 1 video case of child

  • 1 video case of adult

  • How to know the case is complete


You  need:

  • Computer with Internet connection and browser (Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer etc.)
  • Installed Adobе Flash Player  (free at http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/)


Course Fees:

For International homeopath: 399 USD 

For Indian Homeopath: 3500INR

Payment Details:

The payment can be done by-

1] PayPal

2] Direct Transfer to our bank accounts in USA and India:
Check our payment options here.

To enroll yourselves, you can contact us on  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Testimonials from Online Basic Course:


“I am very much thankful for your course and am very glad for joining this course. I am implementing CWP in my daily practice which helps me to connect the dots in the case.”-Sujata Gholkar ( MN, USA)


“The course was excellent! Dinesh's teaching was clear, concise, all encompassing. His explanations and analogies helped bring difficult concepts closer to the light of understanding and his jokes and stories provided light relief and the chance to gather a mental breath before plunging back into the course again. I felt I had learned a lot from his excellent book but this course passed all my expectations and has given me a much better insight into the case witnessing process. i hope, in another 20 years of serious study and practice, to be able to take a case and prescribe with a degree of competence. I have loved this course. I have REALLY found Dinesh's course to be of great interest and benefit in my practice.” Sheryl Conran (United Kingdom)


“From the very first session, I have loved that you have interacted with us and always asked for our questions, so that I feel what you have to say takes account of where we are as learners. The material you have chosen to show us, which you have talked through with us very carefully and then posted as notes for us, has been excellent and useful.” Anne Baker (West midlands, UK)


“It has been very educative and very interesting for us. I congratulate for this effort.”  DR NIRANJAN SAHOO (INDIA)


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* : the LIve session on 2nd May will happen  if number of participants are 15 and above


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