Facilitating Feminine: a step ahead in the case witnessing with Dr Chauhan

When the Masculine overpowersmaking the conscious layer go strong,bringing in a Tuff barrier between the conscious subconscious and beyond in exploring holistic core of the caseFacilitating Feminine works After going over challenges with children cases last season, this season we bring you a subtly powerful key of facilitating feminine  - a step next in the process of case witnessing. Come and experience the... Read more

treating-front2Book for parent's interest
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Dr. Dinesh Chauhan & Dr. Urvi Chauhan (Co-author)
Published by:
Philosia Publication (Dr.Urvi Chauhan)
Dimension (In Inches):
8.50" by 5.50"(Approx)
88 Softbound, Section Stitched



treating-back2About the book:  This book is about how homeopathy transforms life - besides taking care of disease pattern- specifically for paediatric cases. Few important questions parent carry while they opt for homeopathy and the scientific answer we can provide as homeopath to help them choose best gift of holistic homeopathy for their kid is what you can expect out of this book. The concept of child-centric case-witnessing-process and the concept of INNER SECRET diary, which can come as a unique gifts for a child, parent, as well as homeopaths  are being explained in a language that is simple to follow and easy to absorb.

This book is intended to cater to both, Patients (parents specially) as well as homeopaths; it carries rich food for thoughts for the homeopaths, both for themself as well as to pass on to their patients.

More about what this book carry can be known through these sample chapters:





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