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Case by Joanne Greenland (Australia)

(NOTE: Homeopath's explanations are in different color and under bracket. Important phrases are highlighted under italics. ).

61 year old female - a bit hippy looking (by that I mean colourful clothing, loose fitting, Bohemian - presents: Winter 2008

Go ahead

My main complaints are arthritis and hay fever.

Observation - knuckles on hand somewhat distorted and knotted looking.

I have had hay fever all my life - I am always stuffed up, it gets very blocked- I am sort of used to it.

Go on (the beauty of the case witnessing process is you don't ask any questions so you are definitely not leading the case at all).

I have had nearly 60 years of good health - But now - All hell has broken loose

My Blood pressure is elevated - it concerns me, - on taking 185/105

I have a hiatus hernia giving me a hard time

I had pneumonia earlier in the year and I am only just getting over it. I was hospitalized for a week and this cold weather is making me feel like it is coming back

I have a lesion on my lung

I have a tumour on my ovaries

I have nodules on my thyroid - and a goiter

I am afraid one of these will get me in the end

Go on

I am so cold I need two doonas, 2 blankets, gloves, socks, and long Johns on in bed at night and I have the heater on.

Go on

My knees are weak. They are stiff- it's as if I have strained them all the time, which of course I haven't - and that makes me feel old and cold.

My hands are sore - I get pins and needles in my fingers - they feel numb

My elbows are aching - They get constricted and freeze up & stop me getting on with what I need to do.

My shoulders give me a hard time especially the right one

Sciatica is killing me - my leg gets numb so I can't feel them properly feels paralyzed, weak or insensible.

I feel weak and when it is really bad I almost feel like I have been carrying heavy objects - and sometimes I feel paralysed. It is exhausting. feels paralyzed, weak or insensible.

Go on

The cold weather is really making everything worse - I hate this weather. Its always raining and storms and I hurt even more. I am so over everything being wet. I am sick of and hate this retched rain.

Go on

I am an emergency teacher and it is unpleasant work

Everybody is so unwelcoming and unpleasant. The kids know how to get to you. They say ‘chill out, Miss'. They make you upset or make you leave so they don't have to do anything. It is really awful. They plan it. It makes you feel powerless.

Go on

Father died from a MCA - apparently he had a heart attack at the wheel - he was 62

Maybe I only have one more year

Go on

Mother is still alive but she has senile dementia

Go on

I led a self-sufficient life for 30 years. I was waitressing in the city - I have done many different jobs. In the 70's life was fun, exceedingly fast and exciting - you never knew what was around the corner in a good way. But with all the risk of wars and horror facing the world I decided to go to the country. I moved to Vesper, a small village near Mt. Baw Baw, away from people. I had no electricity power, I only had wood heating/cooking and grew most of my own food. I worked hard but loved it. I have good friends but I love being on my own.

I enjoy my own company. I prefer to live alone.

Go on

As I said - I am rich in friends - but I live alone.

I had a nasty marriage

Emotional abuse

I was a slave

I had no bank account

I could not find the right way of doing stuff

I was constantly under threat of physical violence

I was always put down

I felt completely powerless

I hated it. I cannot understand now why I put up with it. But what do you do? I had no access to money, he took it all, I was working three jobs and had no freedom and no independence. I was almost relieved when he ran off with my best friend. I had been suspicious for a long time. You know you can smell that sort of thing, but I was unable to say anything about it - I was too scared. - But who cares - She could have him. I wasn't bitter about it - good riddance I say. He was cold, cruel and nasty and they deserved each other. Together they really knew how to dig the knives into the wounds.

Go on

In my work I am a casual substitute - the students will do anything to get you going.

They treat you as a second-class citizen

Go on

I have 4 dogs. I found them - or they find me. I love dogs. They are so warm and friendly and loyal. You can trust your dog.

Go on

I am a dedicated smoker - I smoke rollies - white ox - the really strong ones - they will probably kill me in the end, but you've got to die of something.

Go on - (she is getting desperate so we give her encouragement) - you are doing really well - Go on

I have a predisposition to addiction

Go on

I have recently moved into town, as I was unable to manage the farm on my own anymore. It was getting hard to cut the wood.

There is no natural gas on the farm and bottled gas is too expensive, so I made the decision it was time to come out of hiding. I am not sure I have done the right thing. But it snows in Vesper and you need to keep warm.

My new neighbour is so needy

I absorb all her negativity

Her crap

She is hideous

I find it overwhelming

She is always there. Why do people like to be in your space? She reminds me why I left to live in the country but I couldn't manage anymore. I am old, weak and hurt all over and I just couldn't get warm out there.

Go on

Aches and Pains - move around the body - generally worse on the right side but everywhere really.

There is always a bad ache somewhere - getting me down -

It is completely debilitating

I cannot walk - I freeze up - as if I am paralyzed

It wakes me up hurting -I feel I cannot sleep well at all and I am always tired -

I feel crippled

I am sick of it hurting so much

My mornings are miserable

Go on - it is all making sense to me you are doing well

Really? I don't know what else to talk about now, I think I have exhausted all avenues.

When I booked in you asked me to think of any dreams I have had or any I have between then and now - well last night I dreamt some strange abstract sort of dream:

I was in a place which had a house; that is half a forest and half houses

The dream went on and on and on

I walked through the forest for what seems like forever - that wasn't too bad, but it never seemed to be coming to an end - there was a feeling of being a little helpless - maybe vulnerable

Then I am walking from room to room in the houses forever

It was forbidding and unfriendly. I don't know much about it or why I am there or why I feel tingly - I know I am cold and afraid, and it seems endless, tiring and I want to get out, go somewhere familiar and safe, away from this. Then I woke up. So. I don't know what that was about.

Go on - nearly done now, just a little more

What do you want me to talk about - more about the dream?


Humans have disconnected from the land

We think we are Gods and that we can control it

We don't treat it with respect. We don't realise that we are really powerless compared to the awe of nature. If she wanted to she would eat us for dinner

I would prefer having nothing to do with it, there is no warmth or love or protection - just a frigid, indifferent nothingness - that is why I hid in the bush for 30 years, I prefer to be on my own.

I end the Passive phase here.

Where to from here?

The common thread (Focus) in the case is about cold - (here are the references....)

  • I love dogs. They are so warm and friendly and loyal. Opposite to cold
  • I have recently moved into town, as I was unable to manage the farm on my own anymore. It was getting hard to cut the wood and keep warm.
  • Left the farm b/c too cold
  • I am old, weak and hurt all over and I just couldn't get warm out there.
  •  I cannot walk - I freeze up
  • It was forbidding and unfriendly. I don't know much about it or why I am there or why I feel tingly - I know I am cold
  • I would prefer having nothing to do with it, there is no warmth or love or protection - just a frigid, indifferent nothingness
  • The cold weather is really making everything worse - I hate this weather. Its always raining and storms and cold and I hurt even more. I am so over everything being wet.
  • They say chill out Miss.
  • I wasn't bitter about it - good riddance I say. He was cold, cruel and nasty and they deserved each other.

It is important not to assume anything yet - all we know at this point is the common thread (Focus) - the part that has come through in many areas and needs further investigation. Only then can we consider a remedy.

Active phase of case taking:

Please talk to me about the word - ‘Cold'?

People who are cold are mean are calculating - they plan to bring you down. They are manipulative and horrid and make life dreadful for you. (You will see how she starts to repeat themes suggesting we have chosen the correct Focus.).

My husband was cold and cruel

Saddam Hussein was cold - he was evil - a cold blooded murderer - yes I would put them in the same category....

I get chilled when I see my neighbour coming but she is not evil like my husband or Saddam.

I wouldn't consider myself cold... I feel cold but I am a warm person, that is why I have a lot of very good friends.

This is ridiculous.... What are we talking about?....

Go on

(long pause - )

More about cold

Cold makes you feel numb - when you have been cold for a long time you get pins and needles

(All the PQRS from Passive phase started connecting to each other)

it can feel as if it will paralyze you

Go on - a little more about cold

When you are cold your muscles shrink

They become tight

It feels like they need to stretch - HG

You have to consciously try to relax them - HG

They are rigid - and you try to relax - and then they are rigid again and you try to relax - (HG snake movement)

Go on - a little more - you are doing so well, nearly done now

You keep saying that, but it never seems to end...

Just a little more about cold and this HG.

I think I am part lizard - I am so cold blooded

I am naturally a good snake spotter. I had so many snakes on my property. In the warmer months I would see at least one every day. Other people would come and not see snakes, but they would always show themselves to me.

Go on

There really isn't anything else. I am exhausted now. How will you fix my arthritis from all that?

Any food you particularly like or dislike? (to confirm and differentiate the picture)

I like most things. I am vegetarian because I don't like killing animals. I eat mostly salads and vegetables, salads would be my preference

Any operations or illnesses earlier in your life?

No not really - I had a hysterectomy in my 40s because my periods were extremely heavy, and dark and awful, they would exhaust me.

But as I said at the start I have been pretty healthy for the first 60 years. It is just after coming to live in town that everything has seized up.


Pretty Clear isn't it - animal kingdom!

Which subkingdom?

Snakes - why?

? HG

? Calculating, planning, evil, manipulation; reference to Saddam Hussein

? Cold blooded

? Relationship with reptiles

? Sees herself as a reptile

? She says I am a lizard. I am so cold blooded

It is all there

So which one did I give?


  • Mind - hide desire
  • Mind - desire to leave people and live in the country
  • Environment - cold temp agg
  • Environment - wet agg
  • Environment - storms agg
  • Generals - cold body temp
  • Generals weakness, enervation, exhaustion
  • Generalities - paralysis
  • Generalities - right side
  • Bones - cold to the bone
  • Nose obstructed - nasal passages
  • Joints - arthritic deposits
  • Food - desires salad

Reference from Materia Medica:

What does Boger say?


Blood - haemorrhages

Nose - blocked

Right side

WORSE storms.

Internal coldness,

Right side feels paralyzed, weak or insensible

Fears rain.

Stuffed feeling in nasopharynx

Weak arms - as if carrying something heavy.

Icy cold feet.

The answer is clear.



One month later:

My arms are pretty good - they don't feel weak

My shoulders still have some way to go

My fingers significantly better

My hay fever is really clear - I think this is the first time ever. I can actually breathe through my nose - (big sniff)

This miserable weather would normally have me all blocked up - but not at all. I can hardly believe it.

Thyroid - I am feeling considerably warmer

I no longer feel the need to wear gloves to bed. I do not need the heater on in the room. I am controlling my body temperature a lot better

I don't wear long Johns or socks to bed now.

My knees still feel weak - but there is improvement. I can do things that I could not do before. Since last week I have been able to walk up the stairs without hanging onto the bannisters.

Sciatica - still there, was considerably better but I took a fall yesterday and today it feels sore again.

I have been religiously taking drops

I had a dream that I was running up a hill and it was effortless. I woke up so thrilled; it felt like I will really be there soon.

I did not tell you about my sister last time I saw you. I don't know how I left her out. I obsess about her. She has Asperger's Syndrome and she is a nasty bitch.

She is just awful.

She strikes at you suddenly - you cannot pre-plan what she will do.

She is manipulative and dangerous.

I try to keep away from her, but she is all the family I have. I am going to Germany to visit her daughter with her - her daughter paid for me to go so she won't be left with her. She knows how deceitful and awful she is. The trip will be nice, but I am not sure it is worth it going with her. I will leave her there and go for a couple of weeks on my own. I will need to get away.

That is pretty much it I am very happy. (big grin) Being in less pain is such a wonderful experience.


She is still coming over and taking up my time and space - but she is not so bad. Sometimes I still hide when I see her coming though.

She doesn't seem to understand that I like my own company - that is without her or anyone else....

BP 145/90


I considered stopping the remedy - but there were still considerable snake themes there and she was insistent that she wanted more - so I let her continue - requesting that if any symptoms were aggravated to ring me and then I would cease the dose.

Two months later:

I am so much better. The weather is getting warmer and I am always more active in the Summer. It is so much more enjoyable.

I get occasional weakness - and it surprises me because I have been without it for weeks now.

My shoulders are not completely right yet, but I can live with them now. Before they were really killing me now they are just annoying at times.

I have No thyroid issues, my body temp is good - but it is not so cold. Still I was freezing all Summer last year, so my metabolism is working better. I don't feel like a reptile anymore. My skin is warm to touch. My feet don't freeze in bed. I am much better.

I saw my sister and she was her usual horrible self and I told her that I would not tolerate her bad behaviour any more. She took it quite well. We shall see how that goes..... She didn't attack me like I thought she might, we got on surprisingly well.

But we did not have long together and that always helps.

Just as well things are improving because we head off to Germany next month. I am not sure how that will go.


Much better - I don't really notice it most of the time.

Hay fever? -

Surprisingly it hasn't returned. I keep waiting for it to come back. The pollens are rife and I can smell them, - it is beautiful. I had forgotten that experience.

The nodules on her fingers are somewhat lessened - hands? I don't have any pain in my hands. My shoulders are much better. Not completely better but so much more manageable.


So much better, I don't need assistance to walk or walk up stairs. I even had a little run. Can't get too carried away, I don't want to injure myself, especially before my holiday. It is nice to be more able to move around.

Your Neighbor?

She doesn't come over as much and isn't bothering me so much. She has found a new mate and so she doesn't need to annoy me. When we get together it is better. She is not so bad.

I feel so much better, I really do. I have a few aches and pains, they come with getting old. I feel so much more human....

B/P 140/89

TREATMENT - -still no aggravation from taking the drops and general improvement. Continued weekly, partly because she was going overseas with her sister for a month and that may have agg her. Suggested that if her symptoms agg to cease drops.

6 months later:

Been travelling overseas. With sister for two months, one month longer than expected and coped OK though she was horrid at times, I just ignored her.

I went off and back packed around Spain and Mexico and Brazil. Loved the heat. Had a fabulous time. Enjoyed my own company.

Aches and pains < if over did it, otherwise all good. Ran out of medicine - thought things would all fall apart but they didn't.

Very happy.

BP 135/85

No Treatment

Continued to do well. Repeated the remedy for a couple of weeks twice more when things slipped back.

Case ends.

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