Further Developments in child centric case witnessing with Dr. Dinesh Chauhan

There are FRESH, CONSTRUCTIVE and POTENT developements along the Child-Centric Case Witnessing for implicit results that Dr.Chauhan shares in this  ONLINE video course    Read more

A wander with a Little wonder is now available in Russian language

A wander with a Little wonder is now available in Russian language  The book - A wander with a Little wonder Child Centric Case Witnessing (English)  already is in sixth year of its excistance -( the first print in English was published in 2010,), has been already translataed and avaiable in German language  (Narayana publishers ) and Bulgarian language (HomeoHelp Publishers... Read more

(An opportunity to resolve your failure case)

This uniquely designed program come to your rescue when you feel stuck in your case to reach the vital core of your patient and prescribe a similimum.

Do you encounter such problems while following your cases?
What should I do when I am stuck and the case is not moving ahead in any direction?
How should I know that every step I have performed while case taking is correct?
Am I misleading the patient?
Have I been passive enough with the patient or should I remain passive even now?
Is this the right focus to become active with?
Is the active-active process taking the patient towards his own centre?
Have I come to the right remedy? How do I scientifically know that?
Is the given remedy to the patient working efficiently based on his follow ups?
So on and so forth....

To cater to such difficulties, we have come up with

Your case our guide

-a best opportunity to resolve your failure cases with our help.

Read more

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