Facilitating Feminine: a step ahead in the case witnessing with Dr Chauhan

When the Masculine overpowersmaking the conscious layer go strong,bringing in a Tuff barrier between the conscious subconscious and beyond in exploring holistic core of the caseFacilitating Feminine works After going over challenges with children cases last season, this season we bring you a subtly powerful key of facilitating feminine  - a step next in the process of case witnessing. Come and experience the... Read more

The case witnessing process has been divided into three steps: Passive, Active and Active-Active.

1. Passive CWP (PCWP)
2. Active CWP (ACWP)
3. Active-Active CWP AACWP)

These three steps help to travel the journey in the patients from their conscious to subconscious level and beyond until the disturbed vital force and source on a guided path.

The, first, Passive step forms the basis of the entire case witnessing process. In this phase, the patient is allowed to be in the moment, to say whatever he / she wants to say; the homeopath allows the natural flow from the patient and stays passively alert to the fragmented individualistic expressions. This step helps to highlight the most important characteristic (the out of place, out of order) expressions at every level. That which gets repeated at every level is the focus of the case.

The second, or "Active" phase of the interview, begins when the homeopath begins to ask  questions. In this phase,  the flow of conversation is directed inwards, towards the altered pattern of the patient to get the whole phenomenon. The aim of the Active phase is to confirm the focus or to find one if not being established in passive phase.

The third or Active-Active phase of case-witnessing is to bring to light the complete phenomenon of the state of the patient, and to confirm the simillimum and the further journey then on.

flower-single 1


Initially, when we start the CWP with Passive step, amongst the prepared conscious outpouring of the patient, a few peculiar expressions (out of place, out of order, out of proportion verbal and/or Non-Verbal expressions) spill out; they apparently seem fragmented and unconnected to each other.


flower-single 2


Later on, during Active phase, we start seeing connections between a few of them (the peculiar expressions that spilled during PCWP).


flower-single 3


And ultimately, during the final phase of Active-Active, all the fragmented peculiar expressions from PCWP and ACWP get joined into a single pattern revealing the source.


Passive case witnessing process (PCWP)

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